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Monday, October 12, 2009

Marang Symposium Feedback

I attended the Marang symposium at Wits last Friday which considered ways in which we can judge last years examinations by taking a closer look at the papers and assessment structure. The talks centred around the questions:

* What do different ways of classifying questions reveal about the relationship between the intended and examined curriculum?

* What does this reveal about the relationship between the policy documents and practice?

* What role can taxonomies play in analyzing the standard of the examinations, the spread of mathematical and science activities and what do they reveal about nature of the examinations and the conceptualization of the subjects?

Prof Hamsa Venkat kicked off by discussing a critique of the Mathematical Literacy assessment taxonomy. Lynn Bowie looked at it from a mathematics point of view and also examined different taxonomies. Arnout (always entertaining) then did a summary and his take on the issues and perspectives by providing a critique, not only on the two papers, but also on assessment practices regarding maths and maths literacy in general. You can (must) listen to the actual podcasts of the sessions, by clicking On each podcast:

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Hamsa's presentation (View while listening to her podcast):
Critiquing the Mathematical Literacy assessment taxonomy

Lynn's presentation: (View while listening to her podcast):
Cognitive levels and types of mathematical activities

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