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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr Maths on Mxit in Tswana

Are you worried about your learners and kids progress during the strike action. Don't fear, remember Dr Maths is on duty every afternoon till late at night and guess what? as from tomorrow, Dr Maths will be able to give maths assistance to all our Tswana speaking learners as well!!!

Meraka is launching their Tswana speaking maths support Mxit service as "Dr Dipalo" and you can either speak to the senior maths mentors Dr Dipalo (Monnye) by adding 0735450044 to your Mxit service or to the junior Dr Dipolo (Motona) (up to grades 9) on 0783374513.

So there you have it! Maths in Tswana on Mxit!!!

I am sure all the "good" teachers who are participating in the strike, would have given their learners plenty of work to go through. Now they will also have on-cell free and great maths and mathslit help to get them through all this!

For more info on how to set Dr Maths on Mxit up for yourself or your learners/kids, go to

Well done to Laurie and her team who are always there for our learners on Mxit!!