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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Living Maths Mathletics Olympiad 2014

Some news about the maths Olympiad........

Dear Teachers and colleagues,

We are in the final phase of preparation for the 2014 Living Maths Olympiad.

This Olympiad is aimed at students from K-9.  On average we have about 170 000  students participate from around the world every year.  If you do not want to participate but still want to receive the links to the papers, we would be delighted to keep you on our mailing list.

The papers will all be online by the 6th of October 2014.  Schools will have ample time to write the papers and submit the results.

South African Schools can write from 6 October 2014 until 17 November 2014.
International Schools can write from 6 October 2014 until 19 December 2014

All our notices and resources are available online.  If you would like your students to do some old papers, please feel free to make use of the links on our website.

As soon as the papers have been uploaded, we will send out a reminder. Kindly forward this message to any of your colleagues that might be interested.  They can sign up to our list over here:

Yours in mathematics,

Steve Sherman  (Living Maths Olympiad convenor 2014)

P.O. Box 195, Bergvliet, 7864
Cape Town, South Africa 
Phys address: 370 Main Road, Observatory (CT Science Centre)
Twitter: @livingmaths