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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maths curriculum review: Marang meeting

If you do not know yet, we are in a desperate bid to canvass the government to extend the time limit on the call for comment on the new Caps documents outlining the Mathematics (and all other subjects) review. On Tuesday a meeting was held to discuss the changes that are proposed to the existing mathematics FET curriculum and Alison Kitto, who was the main person behind the review, gave a presentation to inform us of changes and the rationale behind it.

I was not there, but asked Lynn to record the proceedings and am posting it here now. I apologise for the sound recording effects here and there as I did not have time to edit it into a good podcast quality in view of publishing what went down as quickly as possible (Thank you to Elrieka my assistant who did the editing and cutting). We have broken it down into sections for easier listening. If you are on a slow connection, I suggest that you pause the podcast and wait for it to stream to the end before you listen to it (otherwise it will be jittery). If you want to save the sound file onto your computer, just right-click on the link and choose "Save link as" and a place on your computer where you will find it again.

Helen then did a reply:

Then there where questions and answers:

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