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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

AMESA Mathematics Challenge 2010

Dear Regional Organiser, and others

I attach the 2010 AMESA Grade 4-7 Mathematics Challenge package comprising circular with forms, papers, answer sheet and memorandum.

Please distribute to all interested persons and encourage schools to participate in this National Mathematics Week activity?

The documents are in PDF format to safeguard formatting between different machines ...
If you really cannot print the PDFs you can ask me for the Word documents.

Schools can write the First Round during Mathematics Week 2-6 August, but may write later if they choose, provided they get their Final Round info to their Regional Organiser by 18 August.

The planned timeline for 2010 is:

- First Round written in school during Mathematics Week 2-6 August 2010, or later ...

- Schools should inform their Regional Organiser of learners participating in the Final Round by 18 August.

- The Regional Organiser will inform schools of arrangements for the Final Round by 1 September.

- Final Round written in the regions: Wednesday 8 September

- The Regional Organisers should communicate regional results to the Chief Organiser by 30 September.

- Certificates of Achievements distributed by 1 November.

Thank you very much for your valued involvement in the Challenge, I trust you and your pupils will enjoy participating!

Kind regards

Alwyn Olivier
Director: Research Unit for Mathematics Education
Faculty of Education
University of Stellenbosch
Private Bag X1
7602 Matieland

Tel: (021) 808 2299             (021) 808 2299      (021) 808 2299  (021) 808 2299      (021) 808 2299 (021) 808 2299      (021) 808 2299

1 comment:

  1. Parents of children who wrote the AMESA Mathematics Challenge during Mathematics Week 2-6 August alerted me that the papers have been available online already since 27 July.

    I did not want to believe it, so I Googled and sure enough - here it sits!

    Maggie - sure, I included you in my distribution list, with a remark "Please distribute to all interested persons and encourage schools to participate in this National Mathematics Week activity?" ...
    But surely "interested parties" here means schools and teachers and exclude children and their parents!

    Maggie - so I really think this is an inappropriate public posting!

    I do not handle the Challenge as a competition - children do not compete against other children, so I am not too upset, but of course teachers and parents see it differently!

    So I am not definitely not including you in my distribution list for the Final Round :)